Her One-Night Prince

Her One-Night Prince is a Cinderella story about a woman’s dream to be someone she’s not at her class reunion.

As all fairy tales go, happy endings don’t come easily. Shy and sheltered Lydia St. Clair is awkward around men, so she advertises for a gay man to be her date and revamp her style. Mitch Gannon answers Lydia’s ad, and he’s perfect for the job–he’s handsome and, even more important, he’s charming.

Unbeknownst to Lydia, Mitch is straight and answered the ad as the unwitting target of a practical joke. Before he can reveal the truth, Lydia is convinced he’s her fairy godmother, ready to transform her into the belle of the ball. Mitch, prince that he is, doesn’t have the heart to set her straight.

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