May 2020

Red Stilettos Boxed Set

Contains TWO complete books and TWO complete novellas. All are stand-alone stories with no cliffhangers: 1. BORROWED STILETTOS (Audrey and Zach’s story) 2. RUNNING in STILETTOS (Ava and Rod’s story) 3. DANCING in STILETTOS (Darlene and Colton’s story) 4. CHRISTMAS in STILETTOS (Francie and Dylan’s story)


Haunted by a tragic accident 20 years ago, John Everest knows he doesn’t deserve a family of his own, so he spends his days building the most successful fitness franchise in Seattle…and his nights alone. But that all changes when Samantha Rossi storms back into his life. Happily single, Samantha feels there are only two …

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