Lead-Off Bride

Welcome to Twin Rivers, Washington, home of the Rapids minor league baseball team and I Do-Overs, a wedding consignment shop on Main Street.

Sometimes, you just need a do-over.

Jack McCauley has just been demoted to the minor leagues to prove himself after a career-threatening injury. He has no identity outside of baseball, nor does he want one, and he has the string of pissed off ex-girlfriends to prove it. Jack’s focus must be 100% on getting back to the major leagues. So running into an old flame and learning he has a daughter he never knew about has Jack crying foul.

Wedding shop owner Beth Darrow made the gut-wrenching decision seven years ago not to tell Jack she was pregnant with his child, when he chose the game over a relationship with her. Now, he’s back in town. Once he learns about their child, how can she ever trust that he won’t make that choice again? How can she ever believe he’d be interested in her if not for their daughter?

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