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It’s been a while since I’ve had a new book out. I could give you 10 million reasons why, but they’re just excuses. The good news is I’m wrapping up the first draft of Faking It in Stilettos. This is the first book of a two-parter in my Red Stilettos series.

Stranded in a small mountain town over the holidays, a young woman’s little white lie snowballs into a job she’s not qualified for and a romance she shouldn’t have.

It’s just another crazy day in Jolie Shea’s life. Her mom bailed on their holiday ski vacation, her car broke down so she’s stranded in this nowhere town, and skiing down a mountain is way harder than it looks. After crashing in spectacular fashion in front of the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen, she flirts with him and makes up some little white lies to make herself sound more exciting because she’ll never see him again. What’s the harm, right?

Former champion skier turned mayor of Winter Lake, Drake Winter doesn’t have time for romantic entanglements–he’s been too busy running the town and his family’s mountain inn. But when a sexy and carefree wedding planner literally falls into his life on the exact day his inn’s wedding planner quits, he starts to rethink his priorities.

Unfortunately, Jolie’s stay in town is just temporary, and she hasn’t exactly been honest with Drake. About anything. Like…she’s not really a wedding planner. But how hard can it be?

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